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What you need to know about.....

Liquid Lipo -
Non invasive fat reduction

Liquid lipo is clinically proven fat reduction gel that works quickly by shrinking fat cells and releasing their lipids into your bloodstream which exit your body safely and naturally via your urine.

The result is significantly faster weight loss, and a slimmer body shape Giving fast results within no recovery time.


About Liquid Lipo

Liquid Lipo is the next generation of fat dissolving gel, brought to you by Liquid Lipo LTD

The award winning Biochemists spent three years researching and developing the only topical fat dissolving gel on the market, the labour and love of wellness has paid off and Liquid Lipo is now stocked world wide.

Offering a non invasive alternative to fat dissolving injections, Liquid Lipo has less side effects than its invasive counterpart and can target a larger area in 45mins. This is a pain free relaxing treatment within a infrared sauna blanket and can be combined with RF machine and lymph massage.

One treatment will continue to progressively wok within the body for 48hrs, giving faster results then anything else on the market.

Home kits can also be purchased and contain approximately 20 applications.

It acts on fat deposits by causing fat cells to shrink, forcing the fat out into the blood stream, this is then naturally excreted through urine, it is therefore important to drink 2 litres of water following application. This allows for significantly faster weight loss, slimmer body shape and a reduction in fat levels. It can reduce the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions associated with being heavier.


Treatment Areas:

Chin - Neck - Stomach - Love Handles - Back Fat - Arms - Thighs & Legs


Best of all only 1 treatment is required to start the fat reduction process, all results vary from each person and a course is recommended for certain expectations. Home kits can aslo help achieve desired results and are provided after having a treatment.

Here are some ways Liquid Lipo can help:

+ Inch Loss

+ Body Contouring Safely

+ Reduces the storage of fat layer

+ Safely & naturally removes fat within the body
+ Wrinkle improvement
+ Elasticity regeneration
+ Skin cell activation

+ Boost metabolism

+ Reduces cellulite

+ Reduces Inflammation

+ Reduces Water Retention

Benefits Of Liquid Lipo:

+ Instant Results can be seen.

+ Fast & Effective

+ Permanent Results with a healthy lifestyle

+ Permanent Results with a healthy lifestyle
+ It uses carrying agents (essential oils) to take the fat dissolve formula through the skin and targets the fat cells.

+ Regenerates skin elasticity improving skin tone and tightening.

Because the skin is not broken the risk of infections is eliminated.
+ There have been no significant side effects reported anywhere in the world.
+ The gel binds to fat cells and breaks them down into carbon dioxide and water, this is safely eliminated from the system.
+ Can be used for arms, legs, tummy, it can be used to eliminate double chins, it can be used for non surgical butt and boob lifts and reductions.
It can double the expected results from  machine use or half treatment time needed to gain the same results

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