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  • What is the difference between semi permanent makeup and microblading?
    Semi permanent makeup implants pigment into the dermal layer of the skin using a single fine needle and a machine, whereas microblading is all done with a hand held tool used to psuh pigment into the skin. Microblading offers a straight, thicker effect and can take longer to heal and semi permanent makeup offers a smoother more natural look. Semi permanent makeup techniques offers a range of effects that can be created for eyebrows, eyeliner and lip procedures.
  • How long will semi permanent makeup last?
    The results of semi permanent makeup can last up to several years, but this depends on the skin type, tone and maintenence of the client. Top ups and colour boosts are recommended each year to keep the makeup looking fresh, this is done at a lower cost of the first procedure.
  • Is it safe to have semi permanent makeup?
    Yes, semi permanent makeup is safe! Jades' cosmetic hygeine is very important and uses the highest quality pigments from Finishing Touches. A new pre packed needle is used for every client and every different procedure. After each treatment all work areas are throughly cleaned and wiped down with hospital grade steriliser, and needles are disposed of in accordance to regulations.
  • Will it hurt?
    Numbing aneasthetic cream is used before and during your treatment to make the procedure as comfortable as possible. Most customers find the treatment completly comfortable and can talk through out the procedure, although needles are used it is not a deep process, so it does not have the sharp discomfort experience that most people expext.
  • What if I have a reaction?
    A patch test will always take place before the procedure to avoid any adverese reactions taking place.
  • Why have semi permanent makeup?
    To save time. No smudging or running make up. To have perfectly applied make up from the moment you wakr up. To fill in gaps from lack of hair or shape of the brows. To define eyes and frame your face. Redifining your lipline. To have a more youthful appearence. Pigments are hypoallergenic, so perfect if your are sensitive to wearing makeup.
  • Can I still have lip fillers and a semi permanent lip treatment?
    It is recomended to have lips fillers 6weeks after your 2nd procedure, to ensure the correct lip line is being treated. If you already have lip fillers, semi permanent make up can be done 6 weeks after fillers have been injected, as the substance needs to be fully settled to avoid migration.
  • Will my Botox effective semi permanent makeup?
    No this will not effect the makeup procedure, However there needs to be 6 weeks between each procedure to reduce the risk of make up being applied in the wrong place and for the substance to settle into the muscles.
  • will semi permanent makeup effect an MRI scan?
    MRI scans can still take place, it is however recomended to inform the MRI specialist that you have had the treatment procedure as this can show up within the scan.
  • why is a consultation necessary?
    This is important to give you an opportunity to meet the makeup artist, and to discuss any concerns you may have, and expections you want to acheive from the procedure. You will also be given your patch test at this point to determine if you are able to go ahead with the procedure.
  • How long is the recovery process?
    Recovery is minimal, but please allow 4-6weeks for full recovery! You can go back to your everyday life straight away. The pigment colour that has been impalnted can be up to 70% darker within the first week. You may experienec light swelling, this will only last a few days. Scabbing and crust may form within the first few weks of the procedure, it is important to let these flake off on its own and not to pick or pull any scabbing, as this may effect the result of colour. Many clients wish to go darker on the second finishing procedure 4-6 weeks after the first, it is always best to air on the side of caution and add colour on the 2nd procedure, as it is easy to add pigment but not to remove.
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