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What you need to know about.....

RF Treatments

The Derma R|F uses small micro-needles, combined with radio frequency waves, to rejuvenate skin by promoting healthy new skin to grow, there is minimal redness and down time and the results are incredible lasting up to 18months. One facial needed once a year!

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Before & Aftercare

-Prior to having a skin boosting treatment it is important to drink plenty of water.

-Avoid drinking caffeine and alcohol 24hrs before treatment

-Avoid touching or rubbing the area for 24hrs post treatment

-Avoid direct heat such as sunbathing, sun beds & saunas

-Apply arnica cream or gel to any bruising, bruising is common and normal

-Avoid exercise 24hrs after treatment

-Avoid wearing makeup or body products 24hrs post treatment

-Recommended to wear SPF50

-Do not use AHA, Retinols/Vitamin C or oil-based makeup

-Stay hydrated post treatment to maximise results

-Results can be seen immediately but full results are seen after 4 weeks, a course of treatments are recommended 4 weeks apart & the amount will vary depending on expectations & skin

-Results can last up to 18 months

-Redness & tightening sensation may occur on the treated area, this will subside within a few days


Treatment Areas

+ Face, Neck & Décolleté

+ Abdomen

+ Arms

+ Legs

+ Wrinkles

+ Acne scars

+ Neck area

+ Décolleté wrinkles

+ Skin tightening

+ Stretch mark reduction

+ Loose skin 

+ Cellulite
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