Aesthetics price list


"I am proud to be able to provide a service that enhances outer beauty & inner confidence!

I promise to use the highest quality CE approved products to give you natural looking enhancements that define, restore & renew your individual beauty."




1 Area  £160

2 Areas  £210

3 Areas  £260

(These prices include 2 week top up)

Male Botox +£20

All anti wrinkle products are prescribed by a medical professional


skin boosters

Sosum Skin Boosters:

5 Point Face Lift 3ml  £150  - 6ml £250

8 Point Face Lift 3ml £150 - 6ml £250

For the best results 2nd treatment 4 weeks prior the 1st!

Course of treatments recommended.

Neck & Chest Renew

3ml  £150 - 6ml £250

For the best results 2nd treatment 4 weeks prior the 1st!

Course of treatments recommended.


vitamin injections

If you don't mind a little pinch, vitamin shots are a great way boost your natural health!

B12  £40

VitC  £40

VitD  £90

Biotin/Vit H  £55

Why would you do this?

The short answer is that vitamin injections can improve your body's natural healing, boost immune response & promote your energy level & overall well-being


Lip filler

Regenovue / Exquiller

0.5ml  £120

1ml  £180

Marionette & Nasolabial from £200

Maintenance top up recommended every 6 months



Award Winning Product; more then a skin booster, not only does it stimulate collagen & elastin it also tightens & lifts skin.

1 Area / Treatment  £250

2 Areas / Treatments  £450

Areas that can be treated: Face, Neck, Chest, Hands, Arms, Knees & Abdomen!


coming soon...

Fat Dissolving

PDO Threads

Cheek Filler

Jaw Filler

Models will be needed, if you are interested in being a future model please get in touch to be added onto Jades model waiting list.

All training is one to one & provided by some of the best medical & advanced practitioners in the industry.

Hi Jade, hope your well? So two weeks ago today you did my lips and I just wanted to let you know I’m super happy with them. They look so natural, I took a selfie the weekend and so thought you’d like to see one fully healed. Thank you, i love them xx

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