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Aesthetics price list


"I am proud to be able to provide a service that enhances outer beauty & inner confidence!

I promise to use the highest quality CE approved products to give you natural looking enhancements that define, restore & renew your individual beauty."



1 Area  £160

2 Areas  £210

3 Areas  £260

(These prices include 2 week top up)

Male Botox +£20

All anti wrinkle products are prescribed by a medical professional


Sosum Skin Boosters:

5 Point Face Lift 3ml  £150  - 6ml £250

For the best results 2nd treatment 4 weeks prior the 1st!

Course of treatments recommended.

Neck & Chest Renew

3ml  £150 - 6ml £250

For the best results 2nd treatment 4 weeks prior the 1st!

Course of treatments recommended.


If you don't mind a little pinch, vitamin shots are a great way boost your natural health!

B12  £40

VitC  £40

VitD  £90

Biotin/Vit H  £55

Why would you do this?

The short answer is that vitamin injections can improve your body's natural healing, boost immune response & promote your energy level & overall well-being


Minimal invasive skin tightening & lifting treatment, immediate results are visible, full results will take a minimum of 2 weeks for the collagen to begin working. Full results last 6-18months.

Mono Threads £100-£200

Treatment Areas: Neck - Jowl Lift - Mouth - Eyes Area - Full Face - Tummy


AMI EYES is an advanced tissue stimulator, designed for needle mesotherapy of the eye area and the tear valley with a filling effect, without side effects in the form of lumps or lymphatic stagnation. When applied to the skin, it stimulates it to produce more collagen and elastin.

Under Eyes £90

Under treatment to reduce dark circles, reduces lines and wrinkles, hydrates skin, restores elasticity & boosts collagen.


Sosum / Regenovue / Exquiller

0.5ml  £120

1ml  £180

Marionette & Nasolabial from £200

Maintenance top up recommended every 6 months



Award Winning Product; more then a skin booster, not only does it stimulate collagen & elastin it also tightens & lifts skin.

1 Area / Treatment  £250

2 Areas / Treatments  £450

Areas that can be treated: Face, Neck, Chest, Hands, Arms, Knees & Abdomen!


Liquid Lipo
more info

Liquid Lipo is the next generation fat dissolving gel, this is a NON INVASIVE treatment that is fast & effective fat dissolving for targeted areas. Results can be seen within one treatment.

Neck £80

Bra Fat £50-£90

Arms £80

Stomach £150

Love Handles £120

Thighs £120-£200

Book a course of 3 treatments and the third treatment will be 50% OFF. Payment in full on the first treatment.

+ Reduces the storage of fat layer

+ Removes Fat Naturally
+ Wrinkle improvement
+ Elasticity regeneration & Skin Tightening
+ Skin cell activation


Restore your youth & define facial structure with hyaluronic acid filler that re-contours the face to restore volume to the chin, cheeks & cheekbones.

Chin £60 0.5ml

Cheeks From £100 per 1ml

Jawline From £200 per 2ml

5ml Full Face Contour £400 

Hydrates skin, tightens & lifts facial contours and smoothes  out fine lines & wrinkles.


RF Microneedling uses a gold plated needle device which gently penetrates the skin to deliver radio-frequency deep into the dermal layers of the skin. The radio frequency heats at depths that provide cumulative and ongoing benefits of collagen stimulation, skin tightening and resurfacing.

RF Facial £180 

Course of 3 treatments £470

RF Body Treatment £200

Course of 3 treatments £500

Instant results that last up to 18months.

Skin tightening - Anti Wrinkle - Acne Scarring - Reduces Cellulite - Reduces Stretch-marks

Hi Jade, hope your well? So two weeks ago today you did my lips and I just wanted to let you know I’m super happy with them. They look so natural, I took a selfie the weekend and so thought you’d like to see one fully healed. Thank you, i love them xx

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